August 21, 2015

It's Shark Week @ your library!

I love Shark Week!  This is the second year we have run a popular contest to decorate a shark bank.  The entries have flown in and we have almost 100 banks decorated by children, family teams, adults, seniors - all ages are creating some awesome designs.  Voting for your favorite is underway!

Voting goes through Saturday, August 22nd so come over to the library and cast your vote.  There are four categories: Creative, Book Theme, Music Theme and Editor's Choice (to be selected by the Homer Horizon Newspaper Editor Tom Czaja).  We are featuring lots of shark books here, too!

Here are a few of the entries below.  More can be found on our library photo site here.  Enjoy!

July 16, 2015

I'm right and you know it!

Funny title above, right?  I hope that title catches your attention, as that was the intent.  That's the blog title my daughter thinks would be great to begin.  She believes that those words cross all boundaries because kids, teens, spouses, seniors, etc. (actually anyone) likes to think and sometimes use those words. 

At the library here, we have many visitors, many suggestions, many comments, much input - and I personally welcome ALL of it.  When ideas come in, factors that I must logically address include:
  • can the budget support it
  • can we schedule staff to provide it
  • is it part of the library long range plan / mission / goals
  • can it be implemented as a pilot initiative
  • how do I quantify if it is of value to our clients, etc.
As libraries evolve we want to continue to provide the best to the community.  Perhaps you have a suggestion or thought to share with me.  Feel free, anytime, and I'll take it from there. 

June 01, 2015

Programs, programs, and programs!

We held a staff brainstorming session to discuss programs, new, old, things we heard about, ideas we have, what we would like to see, etc.

More than 150 new program ideas came forth.  That is simply amazing! 
Now the hard work begins to create: teams, project managers, timelines, and what can be accomplished.

This is an exciting time with lots of work ahead.  We are up to the challenge.... and new program initiatives will be brought forward, along with some tried and true favorites!
Sheets of program ideas, posted in our lunchroom!

May 04, 2015

Homer Township Public Library is here for you!

I love our library. 

We do tons of innovative programs. 

We have many visitors each day.

We also seek out partnership opportunities with local businesses and institutions.  This allows us to bring in something new, add more of the materials that our customers want, and anchors the library as an exciting community social center with the "best of
the best, especially our staff!"

So where has the library of old...the "shush, quiet!" institution gone?  They are out there still, sometimes in an academic setting, or other.  Our library is an exciting place of experimentation, hands on activities, with quality programming, great collections and an amazing staff.  It can be busy and loud as people use it as their social place.

Homer Township Library has changed with our dynamic communities' growth.  With 600 visitors daily we are busy, active, bustling, with a diverse client base.  And yes, some want quiet.  With the expansion there are established quieter zones throughout the library.  We welcome everyone who visits and want your experience to be a positive and productive one at the library.

  • The window zone along 151st street is a great opportunity to be bathed in the window light away from the hustle and bustle.
  • The Michael C. Olivieri Quiet Reading Room is a lovely quiet zone to study or sit by the fireplace.
  • Six designated study areas offer glass enclosed rooms for private or small group study.
  • The library "living room" where the magazines and newspapers are housed brings many together.
  • The curved teen room is heavily used for study or socializing at varying times.
  • Youth diner-type booths are popular, too.
Wherever your perfect space is, I hope you find it here. 

April 22, 2015

Arts & Craft Fair - a Join Hands Day partnership with Gleaners Oak Arbor on May 2 - Please join us!

Our second Art & Craft Fair will be held at Homer Library on Saturday, May 2nd.

This event is also a Gleaners Join Hands Day event.  Gleaners is a life insurance company that has a philanthropic community giving program that is very generous.  Gleaner endorses community established "arbors" that work in the community to give back.  A group of community minded folk established the Homer Township Oak Arbor two years ago, where I serve as reporter and past treasurer.  We do many wonderful things for the community!

Join Hands Day is a national day of service projects that provide opportunities to teens for leadership and community service.  The Gleaner Life Insurance Society contributes funding support for events such as these and other charitable efforts.  Arbor members work with library teens in support of this Art & Craft Fair.

We have planned a great day of crafters, with teens selling plants for Mother's Day and the popular bake sale will be back.

Timing is 10-2 on Saturday, May 2nd.

We need you, come and join the fun!